spicy Hot & Spicy
Price May Change without Notice

Lunch Special

Mon. - Sat.: 11:00 am - 3:30 pm
with Vegetable and Fried Rice

L1. Hibachi Vegetable (Lunch) 5.69
L2. Teriyaki Chicken (Lunch) 6.99
L3. Hibachi Chicken (Lunch) 6.99
L4. Bourbon Chicken (Lunch) 6.99
spicy L5. Mongolian Chicken (Lunch) 6.99
L6. White Meat Sesame Chicken (Lunch) 6.99
spicy L7. White Meat General Tso's Chicken (Lunch) 6.99
L8. Teriyaki Steak (Lunch) 7.29
L9. Hibachi Steak (Lunch) 7.29
spicy L10. Mongolian Steak (Lunch) 7.29
L11. Teriyaki Shrimp (Lunch) 7.29
L12. Hibachi Shrimp (Lunch) 7.29
L13. Garlic Shrimp (Lunch) 7.29
spicy L14. Mongolian Shrimp (Lunch) 7.29
L15. Hibachi Salmon (Lunch) 7.99